TOMORROW is Granny’s birthday!!! šŸ™‚

100+ Grappige en Leuke Gelukkige verjaardag en Happy Birthday ...

So together with Darcy my sister (who is in the Netherlands for 3 weeks) we came up with the perfect gift!

Surinaams voetbalelftal - Wikipedia

Our grandparents lived in Suriname for about 15 years together with my father and his brother and this is a big thing for them. It was a happy time and when the hole family comes together our father and his brother still talk about it.

Our father grew up there together with his younger brother. Our grandfather was a architect and designed many buildings in Surinname.

So thats why we thought, this present is going to be great!

How is it going to look:

First: Saoto soup

Sec: Surinames bami, Gado Gado and pickled cucumber and tomato in sour.

Dessert: Baka bana and Goelong Goelong! recipe here

Where did we start?

We started a day earlier with making the Goejong Goejong and the pickled cucumber and tomato in sour.

I had to work a nightshift and get some sleep, so Darcy had to make the rest of the menu. But that was no problem for sis!!

Making the Goejang Goejang was for us both the first time and especially because we had to reinvent it in vegan.

When we surprised Granny with the menu and what we took with us.. It was amazing, We took a little Suriname to Granny’s pre Birthday dinner!




And of course we continue watching the serie Stranger on Netflix and yes these were exciting episodes!!

We al three would recommend it!

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