My sister came home last Sunday! One of the happiest days this year!

My sister lives for these past view months is Hongary with her boyfriend because of the Corona virus. Other wise she lives in Austria with here boyfriend and works as a pastry chef.

I haven’t seen her for over 6 months while we wher normally were very close together.

Also Granny hassen’t seen my sister for over 6 months.

My sister (Darcy) stays in the Netherlands for 3 weeks and then goes back to Hongary, so for these 3 weeks she will come with me and eat dinner at Granny!

To surprise Granny, we didn’t tell her that Darcy was back at Home, we baked a cake and surprised Granny on the day is self!

Granny was shocked! And that wasn’t just from the cake šŸ˜‰

Also Darcy was happy to be back at home and happy to be with granny again.

Oke! We watched again 3 episodes of the serie Stranger, now it becomes more complicated.

This serie has 16 episodes and it’s just one season, so that means there is a lot more coming but lucky enough not to long.

What did we eat???


So what do we have here?

It’s a Quiche with vegan mozzarella, all kind of different veggies and curry ‘chicken’.

We had a salad made from avocado, mozzarella, cress and cashew nuts.



Becouse my sister came a longand we wanted to surprise Granny, we baked a almost RAW cake.

This cake is made with dades, nuts, fresh jam, whipped chocolate cream and fresh fruits.

But we also LOVE ice cream so…

And I can tell you guys it was just… HMMM

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