Grandma’s Dinner

Once a week I eat with my grandma, this started in 2015 when my grandpa past away. Sinds then we have done a lot together: going out for dinner, theaters, going to the movies, weekend trips. But my favorite part always is: just coming home to my grandma, making dinner, eating it while watching a series on Netflix.

Every week I will share what we have eaten and did, just beceause with grandma’s everything is beter!


Tomorrow is Granny’s birthday so my sister and I have prepared a pre birthday dinner!


This time there was an extra surprise! Also an almost RAW cake!


New serie Korean.

Delicious schnitzel with cheese and new products I found in the supermarket.


Last 4 episodes of the ghost bride.

Easy diner with two new Oatly Haver spread!


Homemade burgers with cheese!

A new serie on Netflix, something you weren’t expecting!


Some pasta bought in Germany, the last 3 episodes from The letter to the King on Netflix and cookies!!!


A new serie, a little salad and maybe again something sweet for dessert 🙂


A Curry with nut rice, salad, fruit and B&J.

And… the last 4 episodes of the Blacklist on Netflix.. 🙁


Just to good and with a Home made sauce by granny.


The week before Dave and I got on vacation. Grandma and I have eaten Kofta from Knorr. Ofcourse with fruit and icecream and a suprice!


Most delicius mushroomsauce with brusselsprouts and small potatoes.


Wraps with seasoned ‘meat’ and lots of veggies.


Mushroomsoup with the best baguette and hummus.

A Day in Amsterdam

My Christmas gift was a day to Amsterdam and eating at The Avocadonshow and visiting some musea’s.

Weekend trip to Amsterdam

For my grandma’s birthday I have given a weekend trip to Amsterdam.